Frequently Asked Questions

After office hours, please call our main office, (410)-821-8444 and your call will be automatically forwarded to our answering service. Please leave your name and phone number, and the operator will page our nurse practitioner or the physician-on-call who take calls from 5PM to 8AM. Please remember that the physician -on- call will only take emergency calls. For routine matters such as making an appointment, or requesting medical records, you will need to call us during regular business hours.
We make every effort to give you an appointment at your earliest convenience. Typically, a sick or urgent visit can be accommodated on the same day. Routine physicals and annual exams are scheduled within two weeks. Patients with an emergency may be seen immediately or referred to the emergency room.
On your first visit, please bring:
  1. All current insurance cards
  2. Recent laboratory, diagnostic or x-ray reports that pertain to your condition
  3. The co-payment amount that applies to your visit
  4. A written list of your prescriptions and dosage, including over-the-counter medications
  5. (Applies only to HMO/MCO patients seeing our specialists) a written referral form from your primary care physician

We strongly suggest that you call our office a few days before your prescriptions run out. We will need the name of the prescriptions, dosage, quantity and your pharmacy's location and phone number. Please allow 48 hours for our medical assistants to complete your request.

We strictly cannot fax or call in narcotic prescriptions for any of our patients. These types of prescriptions must be picked up from our office.

Our policy is to prepare a referral and obtain authorizations for your consultations or diagnostic tests within 72 business hours, unless the referral is for an emergency or urgent, life-threatening medical problem, in which case we make every effort to issue a referral and/or obtain an authorization immediately. The process involves verifying a specialist's participation in your insurance network, and calling the insurance company for authorizations. Some insurance companies take 48 hours to approve a request for authorization of a diagnostic test or procedure. Upon obtaining an authorization from your insurance company, we will then inform you by phone, and/or fax a copy of the referral and/or authorization to the specialist's office. We will also mail you a copy of the referral/authorization to take to the specialist.
Our physicians are fluent in English and foreign languages including French, Spanish, Arabic, Cantonese, Japanese and Tagalog.
In cases of hazardous weather, our staff alerts patients by phone of any change in our clinical schedule on the day before or on the day of expected hazardous weather.
A copy of your medical records will be made available with a written request from you. Fees may apply. For further information regarding your medical records, please refer to our HIPAA policy.
We can release a copy of your medical records to another healthcare provider only with a signed consent from you. Please call our medical records department to complete a Consent For Release of Information Form. Fees may apply.
Our office is located at 7600 Osler Drive Towson, Maryland, suite 202. Free parking is available for patients.

A co-payment is a fixed amount due at the time of service. It typically ranges from $ 5.00 - $40.00 for primary care services, and up to $50.00 for specialist services.

A co-insurance is a fixed percentage that is not covered by the primary insurance. This balance is sometimes covered by a supplementary insurance; if it is not covered, it is the patient's liability. We send a statement to the patient for the co-insurance amount due, after receiving payment from the primary insurance.

No, we cannot waive your co-payment because a routine waiver is not allowed under the Federal anti-kickback laws.
Yes. We accept cash, checks and VISA, MASTERCARD & DISCOVER credit cards.
We strongly suggest that you contact our billing manager at 410-893-5505 to make necessary arrangements such as monthly installments. You will be asked to sign a consent form. You may also be asked to present proof of hardship before any adjustments are made on your account. We suggest that you make arrangements as soon as possible, as we routinely turn over aged accounts to a collection agency, and use legal actions to collect on your account.